My research topic is the neuroendocrinology underlying human caregiving behavior. How do hormones influence our brain, and thereby alter emotional regulation, social sensitivity, and empathic behavior; the core features of caregiving behavior.

More broadly, I am interested in the topics of social bonding, parent-child communication and interaction, facial mimicry, attachment behavior, and children’s social-emotional development.


I currently hold a position as associate professor (tenured) at the Institute of education and child studies at Leiden University.

2013 – 2019   Assistant professor, department of experimental psychology, Utrecht University

2012 – 2014    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Cape Town

2012 – 2013    Postdoctoral Researcher Social Neuroscience with prof. Jack van Honk

2008 – 2012  PhD (cum laude) effects of testosterone on social-emotional behavior and brain function

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